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Find out who the spaceship's impostor is

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Among Us is a popular online multiplayer game where you must work together with other players to complete tasks on a spaceship while trying to guess who the impostor is among all the members of the group. Set on a spaceship, all participants will take on the roles of crew members whose mission is to complete various tasks. However, among you will be one or more impostors who aim to sabotage the missions and eliminate the crew without being discovered. The combination of teamwork, strategy, and deception makes Among Us a unique and addictive gaming experience. Download the Among Us APK for free and enjoy hundreds of fun games between friends.

Work as a team to complete tasks and keep the spaceship up and running

In Among Us, you'll have to collaborate to complete a series of tasks to keep the spaceship running. These tasks range from repairing electrical systems to changing the spaceship's course. Cooperation and communication are key to ensuring that all the tasks are completed before the impostors wreak too much havoc.

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Identify and vote out the impostors before they eliminate all the crewmembers

The most exciting part of Among Us is the discussion phase, where you must debate and vote together to single out the impostor. After each elimination or sabotage, players may call an emergency meeting or report bodies they find to discuss and vote on who they believe to be the impostor. During these discussions, the ability to deceive and persuade will be key for both impostors and crew members.

Play as an impostor and deceive your way through sabotaging and eliminating crewmembers

If you're assigned as an impostor, your goal is to sabotage the spaceship's operations and eliminate the crew without being discovered. Impostors can sabotage crucial spaceship systems, creating chaos and distractions that will allow for stealthy eliminations. The key to being a successful impostor is to blend in with the crew and avoid arousing suspicion.

Explore different maps with unique features and tasks

Among Us has several different maps, each with its own unique features and tasks. From the spaceship "The Skeld" to the planetary base "Polus", each map provides a new environment and a variety of tasks for players to complete. The diversity of the maps adds variety and keeps the game fresh and exciting.

Customize your character with different colors, hats, and pets

You can customize your characters from the settings menu by choosing from various colors, hats, and pets. This customization adds a fun and personal touch to the game and helps other participants quickly identify each other on the spaceship. With continual updates, these customization options are constantly expanding.

Take part in public or private games with friends and other online players

Among Us lets you participate in public games or create private games with friends. You can join online games with players from all over the world or invite your friends to a private game for a more personalized experience. This flexibility ensures that you can always find a game that suits you.

Download the Among Us APK for free and enjoy a thrilling multiplayer game full of strategy and action. Complete tasks or take out the other players without being discovered in dozens of different settings.

Reviewed by Merche Contreras Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 6.0 or higher required

Frequent questions

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game set on a spaceship where the players are divided into crew members and impostors. The objective is to find the impostors before they kill all the crew members.

What version of Android does Among Us require?

Among Us requires Android 4.4 KitKat, although the most recent versions require Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later to play this multiplayer game.

How many GB of RAM do you need to play Among Us?

You need 1 GB of RAM to play Among Us on Android, although that's the minimum recommendation. If you have a smartphone with more RAM, you'll have a better time playing this online multiplayer game.

Where can I play Among Us?

You can play Among Us for free on your Android or iOS smartphone. This party game is also available on other platforms like PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Is Among Us a free game?

Among Us is available for free for Android devices. On other platforms like PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation, Among Us costs money.

Information about Among Us 2024.6.18

Package Name com.innersloth.spacemafia
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Action/Adventure
Language English
72 more
Author InnerSloth LLC
Downloads 29,899,925
Date Jun 19, 2024
Content Rating +12
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk 2024.6.4 Android + 6.0 Jun 5, 2024
apk 2024.3.5 Android + 6.0 Mar 6, 2024
apk 2024.2.8 Android + 6.0 Feb 9, 2024
apk 2023.11.28 Android + 6.0 Nov 28, 2023
apk 2023.11.7 Android + 6.0 Nov 9, 2023
apk 2023.10.24 Android + 6.0 Oct 26, 2023
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1,044 reviews


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leiyomc icon
in 2022

amazing game

ime04 icon
in 2020

Great fun to play with colleagues

fantasticorangepeacock29192 icon
2 minutes ago

I can't go down too bad

dangerousredpine43399 icon
4 hours ago

this game is great

massivepurplesnake82165 icon
2 days ago


glamorousgreencactus97653 icon
3 days ago

Is a good game


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